Giant Ant Client Experience

Giant Ant Client Experience

Client: Giant Ant


Service Designer


Service Design


September-December 2013


Giant Ant is a Vancouver-based video production studio that produces inspiring and memorable films for television and digital platforms. As Giant Ant’s first intern, I was hired to provide internal support to the studio and help improve their current client service experience during my 4 months there. Initially, the studio wanted me to focus on improving their current client login page, where they have faced some considerable usability issues. As a lot of communication with clients occurred outside of the client login page, I realized that there was an opportunity to improve their overall client service experience while considering the client login page as a touchpoint in the whole customer journey.

Giant Ant Client Experience


I had first conducted a heuristic evaluation with employees and interviewed them, and then sent out surveys to clients regarding their client login page. Based on this research, I found out that their client login page did not match their proposed purpose of the site as clients preferred to communicate about their project with employees in alternative methods such as e-mailing and phone conversations. Because of the numerous touchpoints that Giant Ant had to cater to and as a fairly loose structured organization, it became clear that analyzing their current overall service experience could help bring about positive change into their current process. As such, I organized and facilitated an Experience Mapping workshop, which spanned across two separate days and involved the entire organization.

Giant Ant Client Experience


Great conversations arose from the Experience Mapping workshop. We were able to determine the emotional journey of their client at each stage of Giant Ant’s service experience, and from that, opportunities for improvement stemmed from the low points in the journey. I photographed all the workshop maps and gathered all the notes at the end of the workshop. I was then able to design experience maps that helped them to better understand how Giant Ant currently serves its clients at each stage, and what highlights and pain points are present in the journey. The experience maps helped to provide an overview of the service as well as the actionable opportunities that could be implemented right away to improve their service. Additionally, I have also ideated solutions and created wireframes for their client login page re-design based on our research, insights, and conversations.

Experience Maps & Service Blueprint

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Giant Ant Client Experience
Giant Ant Client Experience
Giant Ant Client Experience

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